Sangre Migrante* is a project dedicated to sharing the various faces and stories of the Latinx** community within Australia. Noticing a lack of representation of the Latinx community in Australia, Aimee Flores and Carolina De La Piedra established Sangre Migrante, a place where Latinx narratives are shared and the Latinx community are acclaimed.

The Latinx community makes up less than 1% of the Australian population, yet our cultural manifestations in the form of food, fashion, music, language, dance and more, have reached the masses. Our people are spread over 26 different countries between North America, Central America, the Carribean and South America and we hope to preserve and embrace our culture in Australia through this project. We are various ethnicities, not a race and this means our people are incredibly diverse.

The aim of Sangre Migrante is to create a platform where individuals who identify as Latinx are celebrated. As well as showcase, various key Latinx individuals, groups from around the world.

*Migrant Blood
**A gender-neutral term for Latino/Latina*

***A person of Latin American Ancestry




Sangre Migrante acknowledges the traditional owners of the land we work and live on. We pay respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their ancestors and elders past and present.